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Tech Recruitment to Training Mastery: Our IT Industry Experts Pave  The Way!

Experience the dynamic fusion of elite tech recruitment and cutting-edge training. We’re an IT Recruitment Agency and EdTech hub based in the UAE (Dubai) and Asia (PK), committed to supercharging your tech team with exceptional talent and skill honing.

Tech Recruitment: Tap into our powerhouse team boasting over a decade of prowess in tech recruitment. Our founding members have worked for industry giants like AWS, Walmart, Mercedes, and more, ensuring you access the cream of the crop.

EdTech Platform: Elevate your team’s expertise with our meticulously tailored training courses. Led by seasoned industry pros, our each program is engineered to bridge theory with hands-on application.

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A Real-World Application Based Tech Training Is A Foundation For A Better IT Career

Whether you’re about to graduate, an early-career IT professional, or a non-IT background newcomer looking to start a career in the tech industry, our range of weekend courses and programmes are carefully designed to strengthen your tech career:

Our Vision

We have a vision to pioneer a new era of tech excellence across the globe. We aspire to see our tech clients and graduates, not only to lead the nation’s tech workforce but also propelling the country onto the global tech industry.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to deliver top-notch recruitment services and training to techies. Mentored by tech industry veterans, we aim to bridge the education-industry gap, and empower tech individuals with their skills and our connections to excel in the global tech industry.

The Founding Team

Our Founding Team, composed of Software Architects and Tech Recruitment Managers with decades of collective experience, form an impeccable partnership for excellence in the IT industry.

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Advancing knowledge and innovation for a better world

Explore our courses and programs, choose a technology stack, choose a time for weekends or evenings, and refine your expertise with practical guidance from industry professionals at our Lahore campus:


Dive into the world of AI and ML, from predictive analytics to deep learning, and revolutionize industries with data-driven solutions


Master MERN Stack, using MongoDB, Express.js, React, and Node.js to build dynamic, responsive, and scalable web applications.


Explore the power of data with Data Sciences and dive into data analysis, ML, and predictive modeling to drive insights and innovation.


With the AWS Cloud DevOps course, learn to deploy, manage, and automate cloud infrastructure for scalable and reliable applications.


Learn front-end development with ReactJS to build fast, interactive, and modern user interfaces for web apps using JavaScript library.


Discover web development with Python and learn creating dynamic websites and web apps using Python's programming capabilities.


An Intriguing Aspect: You'll discover our Trainers' experience collaborating with Fortune 500 clients

Our Trainers have worked for Fortune 500 clients, and here are a few of the big players they have been employed for. You would get the opportunity to train on the global software development standards and learn the best practices to work with the top global clients. 


Good Training Starts From Great Trainers ​

Our Trainers have been working with the top IT companies including NetSol, i2C, Confiz, Arbisoft, Toptal,  Afiniti, Systems Limited and each Trainer comes with multi-year hands-on software development experience, working for clients like AWS, Mercedes, VISA, Walmart, BMW and many other international business giants.

Muhtashim Khan

Architect, AWS Cloud

Rohma Butt

Architect, MERN Stack

Aamir Anwar

Architect, MERN Stack

A High Achieving Tech Community For Onsite Experiential Learning

Investing In Technical Skills With Industry-Backed Training Programs Is Unparalleled

There is no better choice than investing in your technical skills through training programs that have strong IT Industry’s support. You’ll not just be learning theoretically; rather you’ll be gaining practical expertise and insights directly aligned with real-world demands, alongwith a strong network of hiring assistance.