3 Months (Weekends Only)

MERN Full Stack Development

This intensive course provides a deep dive into Full Stack Development using the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, React, Node.js). Led by seasoned professional software engineers, participants will gain hands-on experience, theoretical knowledge, and practical skills required to become proficient Full Stack Developers. The course includes a focused Live Project in the final four weeks, allowing students to create and deploy a real-world MERN application.

  •  Understanding the role of Full Stack Developers
  •  Overview of the MERN stack
  •  Setting up the development environment
  •  Introduction to Git and version control
  •  Introduction to React and its core concepts
  •  Building and rendering React components
  •  Managing state and props in React
  •  Handling user interactions and forms with React
  •  Introduction to Node.js and Express
  •  Building RESTful APIs with Express
  •  Handling requests, responses, and middleware
  •  Authentication and authorization in Express
  •  Introduction to MongoDB and NoSQL databases
  •  Designing database schemas
  •  CRUD operations with MongoDB
  •  Data modeling and indexing in MongoDB
  •  Advanced React concepts and state management
  •  Routing with React Router
  •  State management with Redux
  •  Integrating API calls with React
  •  Asynchronous programming in Node.js
  •  File uploads and handling
  •  Real-time applications with WebSockets
  •  Error handling and testing in Express
  •  User authentication with JWT (JSON Web Tokens)
  •  Role-based access control
  •  Security best practices in Full Stack applications
  •  Data validation and sanitization
  •  Preparing applications for production
  •  Deployment strategies with platforms like Heroku and AWS
  •  Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)
  •  Performance optimization and monitoring
  •  Introduction to Agile development methodologies
  •  Sprint planning and backlog management
  •  Team collaboration and communication
  •  Agile tools and project management
  •  Project kick-off and problem definition
  •  Database schema design and API planning
  •  Front-end development with React
  •  Back-end development with Node.js and Express
  •  Integration of front-end and back-end
  •  Authentication and authorization implementation
  •  Testing, debugging, and performance optimization
  •  Final project documentation
  •  Final project refinement and polishing
  •  Deployment of the MERN application
  •  Presentation and demonstration of the Live Project
  •  Graduation and certificate distribution

Live Project Details:

The Live Project spans the last four weeks of the course, allowing students to work collaboratively on a real-world MERN application. They will apply their acquired knowledge to design, develop, and deploy the application, integrating front-end and back-end components, implementing user authentication, and ensuring security and performance.


  •  Weekly quizzes and assignments
  •  Final project evaluation and presentation


Upon successful completion of the course and the Live Project, participants will receive a certificate in “MERN Full Stack Development” from “Industry Professionals.”

This course outline offers a comprehensive and structured approach to MERN Full Stack Development, guided by experienced industry professionals, and emphasizes hands-on learning through the focused Live Project. Students will gain both theoretical knowledge and practical skills to excel in Full Stack Development using the MERN stack.

Fee: 39,999​

(can be paid in three equal installments plan)

Muhammad Bilal

Architect, MERN Stack

Aamir Anwar

Architect, MERN Stack

Rohma Butt

Architect, MERN Stack