3 Months (Weekends Only)

AI and Machine Learning

This intensive course offers a deep dive into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Delivered by senior professional software engineers, participants will gain hands-on experience, theoretical knowledge, and practical skills required to excel in the field. The course includes a Live Project in the final three weeks, allowing students to implement AI and ML techniques in real-world scenarios.

  •  Understanding the foundations of AI and ML
  •  Historical development and current applications
  •  Role of data in AI and ML
  •  Setting up the development environment
  •  Data acquisition strategies
  •  Data cleaning and transformation
  •  Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
  •  Feature engineering and selection
  •  Linear regression and logistic regression
  •  Decision trees and random forests
  •  Support Vector Machines (SVM)
  •  Model evaluation and selection
  •  Clustering techniques: K-Means, Hierarchical clustering
  •  Dimensionality reduction: PCA, LDA
  •  Association rule mining
  •  Anomaly detection
  •  Introduction to neural networks
  •  Building and training neural networks with TensorFlow/Keras
  •  Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) for image analysis
  •  Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN) for sequence data
  •  Introduction to NLP and its applications
  •  Text preprocessing and tokenization
  •  Building NLP models with libraries like NLTK and spaCy
  •  Sentiment analysis and text classification
  •  Introduction to reinforcement learning
  •  Markov Decision Processes (MDP)
  •  Q-learning and policy gradient methods
  •  Building RL agents for simple tasks
  •  Introduction to time series data
  •  Time series decomposition
  •  Forecasting techniques
  •  Applications in finance and forecasting
  •  Transfer learning
  •  Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)
  •  Autoencoders
  •  Hyperparameter tuning and optimization
  •  Understanding ethical considerations in AI
  •  Recognizing bias in AI models
  •  Mitigating bias in AI applications
  •  Responsible AI development
  •  Project kick-off and problem definition
  •  Data collection and preparation
  •  Model selection and initial training
  •  Continued model training and refinement
  •  Evaluation of project outcomes
  •  Final project presentation and demonstration

Live Project Details:

The Live Project spans the last six weeks of the course, allowing students to work on a real-world problem related to AI and Machine Learning. They will apply their acquired knowledge to address the problem, from data collection and preprocessing to model building and evaluation. The project concludes with a comprehensive presentation and demonstration of their solutions.


  •  Weekly quizzes and assignments
  •  Final project evaluation and presentation


Upon successful completion of the course and the Live Project, participants will receive a certificate in “AI and Machine Learning” from “Industry Professionals.”

This course outline offers a comprehensive and structured approach to AI and Machine Learning, guided by experienced industry professionals, and emphasizes hands-on learning through the Live Project. Students will gain both theoretical knowledge and practical skills to excel in the field of AI and ML.

Fee: 39,999​

(can be paid in three equal installments plan)

Ateequa Yaqoob

Lead, Data Scientist & AI Engineer