2 Months (Weekends Only)

Facebook and Google Ads Specialist

This comprehensive course provides in-depth knowledge of digital advertising with a specific emphasis on Facebook Ads and Google Ads. Led by senior professionals from the tech industry, participants will gain hands-on experience, theoretical knowledge, and practical skills required to become proficient in online advertising. The course includes practical exercises, campaign planning, and a Live Project throughout the training plan.
  •  Understanding digital advertising landscape
  •  Role of online advertising in business
  •  Key advertising terminology
  •  Setting up digital advertising goals
  •  Introduction to Facebook Ads
  •  Creating a Facebook Business Manager account
  •  Ad account setup and configuration
  •  Hands-on: Setting up a Facebook ad account
  •  Types of Facebook ad campaigns (e.g., awareness, conversion)
  •  Ad objectives and targeting options
  •  Ad creative and ad copy best practices
  •  Hands-on: Creating Facebook ad campaigns
  •  Audience segmentation and targeting
  •  Custom and lookalike audience creation
  •  Retargeting strategies
  •  Hands-on: Defining and targeting Facebook audiences
  •  Budgeting strategies and allocation
  •  Bidding options (e.g., CPC, CPM, CPA)
  •  Campaign optimization and A/B testing
  •  Hands-on: Managing Facebook ad budgets
  •  Introduction to Google Ads
  •  Setting up a Google Ads account
  •  Account structure and campaign types
  •  Hands-on: Creating a Google Ads account
  •  Keyword research and analysis
  •  Ad group structuring and organization
  •  Ad extensions and best practices
  •  Hands-on: Building keyword-focused Google Ads campaigns
  •  Writing compelling ad copy
  •  Ad format options (text ads, display ads, video ads)
  •  Quality Score and ad relevance
  •  Hands-on: Creating effective Google Ads
  •  Campaign optimization techniques
  •  Conversion tracking and measurement
  •  Ad scheduling and bid adjustments
  •  Hands-on: Optimizing Google Ads campaigns
  •  Advertising analytics tools (e.g., Google Analytics)
  •  Performance metrics and KPIs
  •  Campaign reporting and analysis
  •  Hands-on: Analyzing advertising data
  •  Project kick-off and client brief
  •  Campaign planning and strategy development
  •  Execution and monitoring of Facebook and Google Ads campaigns
  •  Performance analysis and reporting
  •  Project presentation and demonstration
  •  Graduation and certificate distribution


  •  Weekly practical exercises and campaign planning
  •  Final project evaluation and presentation


Upon successful completion of the course and the Live Project, participants will receive a certificate as a “Facebook and Google Ads Specialist” from “Industry Professionals.”


This course outline offers a comprehensive and hands-on approach to online advertising, with a focus on Facebook Ads and Google Ads, guided by senior professionals from the tech industry. It emphasizes practical skills through exercises, campaign planning, and a Live Project throughout the two-month program. Students will gain both theoretical knowledge and practical experience in digital advertising strategies and execution.

Fee: 39,999​

(can be paid in three equal installments plan)

Farhan Tariq

Consultant, Digital Marketing