2 Months (Weekends Only)

React Native Mobile App Development

This intensive course equips participants with the skills and knowledge to develop cross-platform mobile applications using React Native. Led by senior professional software engineers, participants will learn to build high-quality mobile apps that run on both iOS and Android platforms. The course includes practical exercises, module-wise projects, and a Live Project in the final two weekends to create a fully functional React Native app.
  •  Understanding React Native and its advantages
  •  Setting up the development environment
  •  Creating your first React Native app
  •  Introduction to JSX and components
  •  Exploring React Native components
  •  Styling React Native components
  •  Layout with Flexbox
  •  Hands-on: Building UI components
  •  Implementing navigation in React Native
  •  Navigation stacks and tabs
  •  React Navigation library
  •  Hands-on: Creating navigation flows
  •  Introduction to Redux for state management
  •  Setting up Redux in React Native
  •  Actions, reducers, and store
  •  Hands-on: Managing app state with Redux
  •  Making API requests with Axios
  •  Handling responses and errors
  •  Data persistence with AsyncStorage
  •  Hands-on: Integrating data into your app
  •  Accessing device features with Native Modules
  •  Camera, geolocation, and sensors
  •  Third-party libraries and modules
  •  Hands-on: Using Native Modules
  •  Writing cross-platform code
  •  Platform-specific adjustments
  •  Debugging and testing on both iOS and Android
  •  Hands-on: Cross-platform development
  •  Advanced UI components and libraries
  •  Animations and transitions
  •  Gestures and touch events
  •  Hands-on: Implementing advanced UI and animations
  •  Identifying performance bottlenecks
  •  Profiling and debugging performance issues
  •  Best practices for optimization
  •  Hands-on: Optimizing app performance
  •  Unit testing in React Native
  •  Debugging and troubleshooting
  •  Preparing for app deployment
  •  Hands-on: Testing and deployment
  •  Project kick-off and client brief
  •  Building a fully functional React Native app
  •  Integration with APIs and services
  •  Testing, debugging, and optimization
  •  Project presentation and demonstration
  •  Graduation and certificate distribution


  •  Weekly practical exercises and module-wise projects
  •  Final project evaluation and presentation


Upon successful completion of the course and the Live Project, participants will receive a certificate in “React Native Mobile App Development” from “Industry Professionals.”


This course outline offers a comprehensive and hands-on approach to React Native mobile app development, guided by senior professional software engineers from the tech industry. It emphasizes practical skills through exercises, module-wise projects, and a Live Project in the final two weekends to create a fully functional React Native app. Students will gain both theoretical knowledge and practical experience in mobile app development.

Fee: 39,999

(can be paid in three equal installments plan)

Aamir Anwar

Architect, Javascript