2 Months (Weekends Only)

SQA (Manual and Automation)

This comprehensive course provides a solid foundation in software quality assurance (SQA) with a focus on both manual and automation testing. Led by seasoned professional software engineers, participants will gain hands-on experience, theoretical knowledge, and practical skills required to become proficient SQA engineers. The course includes practical exercises, test case development, test automation, and a Live Project throughout the training plan.
  •  Understanding the importance of SQA
  •  Software development life cycle (SDLC) and SQA
  •  Introduction to testing types and methodologies
  •  Setting up the testing environment
  •  Manual testing principles and techniques
  •  Test planning and strategy
  •  Test case design and execution
  •  Hands-on: Creating and executing manual test cases
  •  Test plan and test case documentation
  •  Defect tracking and reporting
  •  Test summary reports
  •  Hands-on: Creating test documentation
  •  Black-box and white-box testing
  •  Functional testing techniques
  •  Regression testing and smoke testing
  •  Hands-on: Functional testing exercises
  •  Performance testing (load, stress, and scalability)
  •  Security testing and vulnerability assessment
  •  Usability and compatibility testing
  •  Hands-on: Non-functional testing exercises
  •  Introduction to test automation
  •  Selecting test automation tools (e.g., Selenium, Appium)
  •  Setting up the test automation environment
  •  Hands-on: Configuring test automation tools
  •  Selenium WebDriver for web application testing
  •  Writing and executing Selenium test scripts
  •  Handling elements and dynamic web content
  •  Hands-on: Web automation with Selenium
  •  Test automation frameworks (e.g., TestNG, JUnit)
  •  Data-driven and keyword-driven testing
  •  Best practices in test automation
  •  Hands-on: Developing test automation frameworks
  •  Mobile app testing challenges
  •  Testing native and hybrid mobile apps
  •  Appium for mobile automation
  •  Hands-on: Mobile app testing with Appium
  •  Understanding API testing
  •  API testing tools (e.g., Postman)
  •  API request and response validation
  •  Hands-on: API testing exercises
  •  Introduction to CI/CD pipelines
  •  Integrating testing into CI/CD
  •  Automated deployment testing
  •  Hands-on: CI/CD integration for testing
  •  Project kick-off and problem definition
  •  Test planning and strategy for the Live Project
  •  Test case development and automation
  •  Continuous integration and automated testing
  •  Project presentation and demonstration
  •  Graduation and certificate distribution


  •  Weekly practical exercises and test case development
  •  Final project evaluation and presentation


Upon successful completion of the course and the Live Project, participants will receive a certificate in “SQA (Manual and Automation)” from “Industry Professionals.”


This course outline offers a balanced approach to software quality assurance, covering both manual and automation testing, guided by experienced industry professionals, and emphasizes practical skills through exercises, test case development, test automation, and a Live Project throughout the two-month program. Students will gain both theoretical knowledge and practical experience in SQA.

Fee: 29,999​

(can be paid in three equal installments plan)

Muhammad Bilal

Architect, MERN Stack

Aamir Anwar

Architect, MERN Stack

Rohma Butt

Architect, MERN Stack